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Before You Think About Getting Rich 

By: Jean Walker

The Book With Tips For Making The Best Of Your Professional Relationships.


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Before You Think About Getting Rich is comprised of short blog articles that were created into chapters specifically for this book which relates to situations that we may experience in our professional careers.

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“Selling a product or providing a service is one thing but having a product or providing a service to your industry takes all of your competition and turns them into customers.”

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Before You Think About Getting is a compilation of hand-picked articles from the Probizadvice blog written by Jean Walker. The chapters in this book are about topics geared towards real-world experiences that entrepreneurs may encounter and insight on some unconventional business practices. The book was written with the intent of the reader to gain different perspectives on some of the ways businesses operate with one another and the artform of working with other people to meet a common goal. In this short 44 page book, all 12 chapter titles are uniquely named to grab the readers’ attention and fit the topic of discussion.

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